My Bell Wireless Paging System

The receiver can be placed in strategic locations near the server stations, manager’s podium or the cashier’s front desk. The receiver has an adjustable chime and displays up to three entries on the display screen. The My Bell Wireless Paging System is mounted on individual tables or on a convenient location on a wall. When the button is pressed it sends a wireless signal to the receiver, sounding a chime and displaying the table number or aisle number where service is requested by the customer.
The Button

The service button comes in black & coffee color.

The Receiver

The receiver supports up to 127 tables. The maximum range of the receiver is 393 feet, but can easily be extended through the use of a relay transmitter. There is no additional fee for the relay transmitter. The size of the receiver is approximately 12” x 8” x 2”.

Relay Transmitter (CS-1000)

The relay transmitter is required in larger applications where extended range is necessary due to distance, obstructions and heavy duty walls.

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